FSA Celebrates its

30th Anniversary

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FSA Organization


with Richard Dewees, Executive Director & Bertie Bonner (The Harned), Board Chair. Founding members: Barclay/Friends Hall, Cadbury, Chandler Hall, Foulkeways, Friends Home, The Greenleaf, The Harned, The Hickman, Kendal Corp, Medford Leas, Pennswood Village, & Stapeley. Friends Rehabilitation Program, Friends Life Care at Home, and Foxdale Village all joined within a year.

Friends Services for the Aging launched



Warren Witte appointed as Executive Director 


Warren Witte Fund card_full (1).jpg

First Peer Group met in May (DONs)

Followed later in the year by meetings of maintenance and housekeeping directors and human resource directors.

First Quaker orientation held at Pendle Hill

Since 1991, over 2,000 employees and board members of FSA organizations have attended some version of this program, now known as “Intro to Quakerism.”



Peer group meetings expanded

to include admissions directors and social workers. Later expansions included grounds keepers, CFOs, development directors, food service and activities staff.


FSA statement on diversity approved

after review by boards of member organizations.  It has subsequently been used and adapted by member organizations in various ways. The statement is still used by FSA and a number of member organizations today.

Commitment to Diversity

The members of Friends Services Alliance believe that their communities and services are enriched by diversity within their organizations. Their Quaker values lead to a policy of inclusion, of seeking out diversity, and of nondiscrimination.

Our commitment to diversity flows from our common Quaker identity and values. Friends believe that each human life is sacred—that there is “that of God” in every person. This conviction has led to more than three centuries of Quaker action to promote equality, respect for differences, and the dignity of all people. 

FSA member organizations are committed to making their services to the aging a part of this heritage.

Diversity Specialist Appointed


FSA Opened Corporate Office in Blue Bell with 3 staff members


First Website Launched

Diversity Working Group held focus group with people of color who are residents or board members.  The Group encouraged initiatives in hiring people of color in lead staff roles, and appointing people of color to boards.


Friends Corporate Compliance Program Launched

Diversity Program sponsored training sessions for line supervisors


Board adopted tagline "Strengthening Quaker Service Through Collaboration"

FSA invited to briefings on Anabaptist initiative for liability self-insurance

through an off-shore captive.  Ultimately leads to the launch of the Peace Church Risk Retention Program in 2004.

Director of Leadership Development & Training and Director of Purchasing and Business Development hired


Name change from Friends Corporate Compliance Program to Peace Church Compliance Program


The Board approved appointment of a new Diversity Committee as a standing committee of the Board

Holzman pix.jpeg



Participation of Mennonite and Brethren organizations in compliance program authorized by Board

Discussions among staff leaders of FSA, Mennonite Health Services, and Association of Brethren Caregivers leads to increased program interaction among the three denominations.


Neil Holzman succeeds Warren Witte upon his retirement


Jane Mack appointed as Interim Executive Director

is named to the position permanently in June 2009.


Launched pilot of FSA Internship program with George Fox University


FSA holds the FSA Leadership Summit

sponsored by Friends Foundation for the Aging.  Outcomes include the FSA Leadership Institute, resources on succession planning and leadership transitions.

FSA Rebranded



sponsored by Friends Foundation for the Aging, leading to the development of the “Hallmarks of Quaker Values-Inspired Senior Living.”

FSA holds FSA Values Summit


PCCP Rebranded to FSA Compliance and Risk Management Program


FSA Leadership Institute Launched

FSA_Leadership_Institute_FINAL 1.png


Renamed and rebranded to Friends Services Alliance

to better reflect service to professionals who serve seniors.

Artwork 1.png

New tagline of “Rooted in Values. Driven by Excellence” adopted


FSA takes educational trainings, compliance and risk management reviews and all meetings online due to worldwide COVID-19 pandemic


31 FSA Members; 84 Compliance clients; 26 Risk Management clients

FSA develops and delivers a number of programs to support explorations of diversity, equity, and inclusion in member organizations

Quaker Video Connection video series launched in conjunction with The Kendal Corporation


FSA celebrates 30th Anniversary

Compliance and Risk Management will host its 8th Annual Conference

FSA Internship Program will mark its 10th year

FSA Leadership Institute will mark its 9th year

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